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Gyazo Teams

Share visual messages that are fast, clear, and secure.

Millions of people and thousands of businesses use Gyazo, including:

Move faster with communication that flows like water.

Engage viewers.

Adding a visual makes your messages more engaging and easier to act on.
Before: A wall of text that's hard to scan.
After: A visual message that instantly grabs attention.

Build understanding.

Screen videos help deliver your message with the right tone and nuance.
Before: Back and forth chatting creates friction and delay.
After: Screen videos smoothly explain details.

Work in context.

Some things are hard to explain in words. Async visual messages include context.
Before: Words fail to communicate spatial information.
After: One short video and done.

How can you use Gyazo at work?

  • 1
    Launch the desktop app.
  • 2
    Record screen video or take screenshot.
  • 3
    Share new link with your team or customer.

What are customers saying?

I use it about fifteen times a day. I love how I can press print screen and then just get the link.

Because it is difficult for me to communicate with people overseas using english, I often use Gyazo Video to share screen captures very quickly.

By sharing clear, concrete instructions with Gyazo, we are able to smoothly manage our team's work.

Centercode uses Gyazo Teams every day

Learn how the CEO and lead members of Centercode are able to save time on development, support, and management with streamlined visual sharing.


A new account is used for Gyazo Teams so your personal Gyazo captures will stay separate.
Default all images to be accessible by members only or anyone with the link as you like.
Use your Google Workspace account to get people started easily with one click single sign-on.
Set up unlimited user accounts then get a single bill on an easy-to-use dashboard.
Identify images uploaded by your team with a custom subdomain. For example,
All data is transferred with 256-bit encryption and stored with world-class security on Google Cloud.




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Frequently asked questions

  • Can I keep using my personal Gyazo account separately from Gyazo Teams?
    Yes. Gyazo Teams uses a new email and account so you can use Gyazo personally and your captures will be kept separately.
  • Is it possible to migrate captures from a personal Gyazo account to Gyazo Teams?
    Yes, it is possible for us to migrate captures over from your personal account. After upgrading please contact us and we will be happy to help.
  • How is Gyazo Teams priced?
    Gyazo Teams is %{min_price} per month for up to %{min_members} people. After the first %{min_members} people it is %{price} per person, per month. Please see the get started page or contact us for more details.
  • Can I unpublish a private capture from slack or other apps?
    Yes, if you delete a capture or add a password it will no longer be freely accessible, including in any app where the link was shared.
  • What security features does Gyazo Teams have?
    All data is transferred with 256-bit secure socket layer encryption to prevent interception. All data is stored with Google Cloud which has world-class security including advanced at-rest encryption and multiple ISO certifications.

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