Instant visual messaging.

Gyazo lets you take screenshots and record videos that upload instantly. You share simply by pasting a new link in any app.
Here’s a video showing the new design
Awesome. This looks great!
Millions of people and thousands of businesses use Gyazo, including:

Share your message in seconds

Gyazo Video uploading

Record and upload in one shot

New screenshots and screen videos are uploaded and ready to share as fast as you can select your screen.

Share the way you want to

All uploads get a unique link that's hidden until shared. You can share by simply pasting the link or embedding.
Gyazo Video playing in chat
Gyazo image of computer code with image metadata

Search with ease

Find your uploads by app name, page title, and date. With Gyazo Pro you can even search text in images using OCR.

What are customers saying?

I use it about fifteen times a day. I love how I can press print screen and then just get the link.

Because it is difficult for me to communicate with people overseas using english, I often use Gyazo Video to share screen captures very quickly.

By sharing clear, concrete instructions with Gyazo, we are able to smoothly manage our team's work.

Grab your screen and go.