Meeting time
Feedback time
Chat time
Meeting time
in half

Record new videos and screenshots instantly. Let viewers get the right message at any time.
Here’s a quick screen video of the solution
Great, I’ll share my thoughts in a few minutes
Millions of people and thousands of businesses choose Gyazo, including:

Share the story on your screen in seconds

Visual messages are a better alternative to many meetings and chats.
Gyazo Video uploading

Record videos & shots to simplify

Skip one-sided meetings and endless text. Send a clear message at once, and for all.

Share links and embeds to be fast

Remove sharing limits with instant links. Link or embed any content where you want it.
Gyazo Video playing in chat
Gyazo image of computer code with image metadata

Save the whole story

Eliminate doubts about what you saw and did. What you see and share is saved as precisely.

Screen recording with security that's ready for business.

  • User role management
  • Team-only visibility defaults
  • Solid track record over 10+ years
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Customizable privacy controls
  • Brute-force protection

What do our customers have to say?

I use it about fifteen times a day. I love how I can press print screen and then just get the link.

Because it is difficult for me to communicate with people overseas using english, I often use Gyazo Video to share screen captures very quickly.

By sharing clear, concrete instructions with Gyazo, we are able to smoothly manage our team's work.