Gyazo API


The Gyazo API can be used in a wide array of apps to upload new images, show a Gyazo user’s images, and more. It provides a RESTful API for HTTP requests and returns a response in JSON. This should be familiar to anyone who has used major APIs before such as Amazon S3 and Twitter.


$ curl -i -F "access_token=YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN" \
  -F "imagedata=@/home/gyazo/greaetpicture.png"

HTTP/1.1 200 OK

    "image_id" : "8980c52421e452ac3355ca3e5cfe7a0c",
    "permalink_url": "",
    "thumb_url" : "",
    "url" : "",
    "type": "png"

API Endpoint

API endpoint is below.    (Upload API)

The endpoint has a different Upload API than the others.


Timestamp is in the following format:



If your app continuously uploads illegal or inappropriate images, or puts excessive strain on our servers we may be forced to block access.