Become a Gyazo Ninja

to gain Elite Abilities and Powerful Features

Please download Gyazo and upload an image first.

As a ninja user you will gain the ability to:

Features 1 Features 2 Features 5
Make Ads Invisible
Travel Back in Time
Shoot Arrows

All ads normal users see on Gyazo will suddenly vanish into thin air. Anyone viewing your images won’t see ads either.

All the images you have ever uploaded to gyazo will be accessible and deletable from your history.

You can draw arrows, rectangles, and text right on your image after it uploads.

Features 4 Features 3 Features 6
Gain Access from Any Device
Use the Stars for Guidance
Embedded Code

View your uploaded images from any computer or device that has internet access.

Add stars to important images and see them in one place for easy access and recall.

Ninja supports easy embedding of images on blogs or websites.

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