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Get an instant-on CDN with robust photo hosting and uploading. With Gyazo Pro you can rocket the visual impact of your news ahead of the competition.

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Gyazo is accessible in 240 countries via global network services

Web users are everywhere and so is Gyazo. Reliable global distribution and scalability are built in.

Unlimited capacity for image uploads and displays

Upload to your utmost and there will be room for more. All images have unlimited display.

Extremely easy screen capture to MP4 video

Launch, drag, and share action from your screen. This is a surprisingly fast way to create video content.

Search & find key images for your articles instantly

All image sources are searchable with auto-metadata. Text in images can also be searched with auto-OCR.

There is no charge required to start using Gyazo.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

Gyazo Pro users get direct access to our customer success team for the best possible experience. To find out how we can improve your business, please contact us today.