Welcome to the easiest way to share your screen!

Making your first screenshot or animated GIF is simple.

1. Launch the Gyazo app.



Capture Still Images.

Gyazo GIF

Gyazo GIF

Capture Videos and GIFs.

2. Just drag your mouse to grab the screen.

You can capture any type of content:

  • Websites
  • Designs
  • Graphs
  • Documents
  • Applications
  • Photos

3. Release the mouse and Gyazo instantly uploads your image to a secret page.

The complicated string of numbers that make up your unique link can not be guessed by others.

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4. To share an image, just send the link to people who you would like to have access.

Because the link is automatically copied to the clipboard,
you can paste and share the link instantly in IM, social networks, mail and more!

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Fast as a ninja star

No matter how large the image is, you can share it in seconds with Gyazo.
Start using Gyazo now!