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Now supports GIF & video. Share screen captures in seconds.

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Gyazo is available on Mac/Windows/Linux

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Capture Everything

Click to capture your screen and release to instantly upload the image. The link to the image page is copied to your clipboard automatically. You can share anything on screen right away.

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Share Faster than a Ninja

Simply paste the link into chat, facebook, twitter, tumblr, or anywhere else you want. Share screenshots with a small team or a big social network, across all connected devices.

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Now Make Instant Gifs & Video

You can now also capture animated GIFs easily and instantly. Simply click the new GIF icon to record a section of the screen for up to 7 seconds.

Gyazo Teams

Get the power of Gyazo with advanced security, account controls,
custom domains, priority support, and more.

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Gyazo for iPhone has been finally released! Sync with Gyazo PC and you can see your images anywhere.